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Episode 57: “What is ADHD?” (Part 3): Unpacking ADHD-Hyperactive Traits

Jun 06, 2024
Divergent Conversations Podcast

Show Notes

ADHD hyperactive traits are often misunderstood and the DSM-5’s portrayal of this type is heavily geared toward children and adolescents, which can make it harder to understand and address in adulthood. In an attempt to better understand the ways ADHD can present in daily life, this episode uses the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria as a framework for discussion—this is not an endorsement of the DSM-5.

In this episode, Patrick Casale and Dr. Megan Anna Neff, two AuDHD mental health professionals, discuss the ADHD hyperactive type and share their personal experiences.

Top 3 reasons to listen to the entire episode:

  1. Learn about the DSM-5 criteria for ADHD hyperactive type and hear personal stories about managing these behaviors in social and professional settings.
  2. Gain insight into the concept of masking in ADHD, explore the internal struggle to self-monitor and achieve time equity in conversations, and understand its impact on relationships.
  3. Discover the challenges and strategies for being present in the moment, channeling hyperactive energy, and addressing the grief associated with limited movement as a result of aging or injuries.

As you listen, you might find parts of these criteria and stories that resonate with your own life, whether you have ADHD or simply face similar struggles. We encourage you to stay curious about your own experiences and continue exploring these important topics.

DISCLAIMER: We're using the DSM-5 criteria as a framework for this conversation, but this is not our endorsement of the DSM-5.



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