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Explore new perspectives and engage in thought-provoking discussions with Dr. Megan Neff and Patrick Casale who are neurodivergent therapists in a neurotypical world.

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Discovering the Voices Behind the Mic: A Look into Their Life


Dr. Megan Neff and Patrick Casale are two neurodivergent therapists in a neurotypical world. During this podcast, they’ll talk about their own personal experiences as Autistic-ADHDers. They will reflect on their lived experience as AuDHD mental health professionals, and entrepreneurs, as well as offer clinical guidance, and support. Episodes will be conversational in nature, and they’ll interview other ND Folx to amplify the voices of other neurodivergent advocates and individuals as they share their authentic stories. New episodes will come out weekly, on all major platforms. Megan told Patrick, ”I’ll bring the chaos, You organize it.” This perfectly sums up their working relationship and friendship. Reflections of two neurodivergent clinicians. Raw, Vulnerable, Affirmative As Hell.

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